About Us


At Cowboy Supply House we strive to SUPPLY our customers with the best SOLUTIONS for their given facility. Our staff is specially trained to help our customers find not only the best products available, but quality products that will keep you within your budget as well. We are also very proud to provide customer training and demonstration of proper product procedures that have been designed to save you time and money.


Cowboy Supply House has nine years experience distributing our various product lines to a myriad of facilities in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. Our newly designed e-commerce store is equipped to service any size of business, from small locally owned businesses to large commercial properties. We also offer our retail outlet located in Cheyenne that is well-stocked and ready to accommodate the residential customer base located here in the wonderful state of Wyoming.

Shipping Information

Cowboy Supply House is proud to offer our customers a wide variety of shipping options:

  • Next Day Delivery via UPS Ground to 98% of Wyoming when orders are placed by 2:00pm MST
  • Next Day Delivery via Less than Load (LTL) Freight to 98% of Wyoming when orders are placed by 2:00pm MST
  • CSH Fleet delivers accross southern and central Wyoming on a weekly basis

CLICK HERE to download the CSH Freight Schedule.

Please contact CSH Customer Service for any additional shipping information.

Product Information

Cowboy Supply House is proud to be affiliated with these Industry Leading Manufacturers: