CSH Online Store Frequently Asked Questions

How to email invoices:

Check the box to the left of the invoice(s), and then click the Email option in the top right corner. The email window will allow you to enter multiple recipients, as well as subject and body text. Click the Send Email button in the bottom left corner to send the invoice. The invoices that you selected to send will be received as pdf attachments to the email. They can then be printed or faxed if necessary.

How to view open orders:

Open Sales Orders can be reviewed by clicking on the Open Order Status option under the My Account tab. This will display all Sales Orders that are currently open. You can filter this to display a single order, by entering the Order Number in the Order # field and clicking the Refresh button, or to display all open orders entered during a date range, by entering a Start Date and an End Date and clicking the Refresh button.

How to change/save a ship-to address:

Choose a shipping address from the available list. If you do not see the appropriate address listed, you can add a new address by selecting Add New Shipping Address to the right. If you plan to use this new shipping address in the future, check the Save to Shipping List box below the address fields.

How to save a shopping list:

Once you have added all of the products that you would like to include, click on the My Cart link in the upper right corner of the screen and select View Cart. At the top of the cart you will see a Save To List: dropdown menu. Click on the Create New List option. (A saved shopping cart may also be referred to as a Shopping List).

How to approve a pending order:

Click on the Order # to open the order details. At the bottom of the screen, click on the Approve Order button. Confirm that the order is correct, then click the Place this Order button to place the order. You will receive an order confirmation email shortly.